Upcoming Events

Alliance Theatre Texas presents "Out of The Depths - understanding mental illness"

February 2022

Alliance Theatre Texas will present “Out of The Depths- understanding mental illness” which takes a raw look into the lives of those who deal with mental illness, and shines a light on common misconceptions and taboos surrounding the subject of mental health. The presentation will follow the journey of five people living with various mental illnesses. The stories are portrayed through singers, dancers, actors, real-life interviews, film, art, and monologues.

Details and date to be announced: For more information

Past Events

NAMI Family to Family Group, 8 week study

September 28

NAMI Family to Family Group 8 week study produced by NAMI educational for family members currently caring for a spouse, sibling, child, parent, loved one who has a mental illness. This is by registration only through the NAMIgreaterhouston.org website.