Welcome to the Sienna Ranch Mental Health and Emotional Wellness Ministry website!

Sienna Ranch Baptist Church desires to be people of faith who effectively and compassionately serve as a resource for those who care for their loved ones with mental health challenges.

We pray you join us to remove the stigma surrounding mental health challenges, and support caregivers with loved ones with mental health challenges.

Features and navigation of this website

We have designed this website to be as informative and interactive as possible and commit to regularly posting valuable information and links for our visitors. The features of this site are listed below:
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Emergency Numbers

Emergency Numbers for all of your mental health needs. The Resources page and the Contact us pages contain a list of emergency numbers for quick reference.
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Also, under Resources you will find listings and reviews of books, movies, and audio/video publications. Please feel free to send us links or other information on items you feel would be beneficial to post.
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Support Groups and Bible Studies can help when the going gets tough. The support page contains Bible Studies and Support Groups that you may want to check out.
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Be prepared if you need to reach out for help. The Toolbox page contains a list of important information to help you prepare should you need to reach out for help.